Amandine Tissot - Naturopath

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Amandine Tissot - Naturopath and Wellness & Nutrition Coach
Are you an athlete or simply concerned about your health and well-being? I'll help you achieve your goals with a tailor-made programme designed just for you! As a naturopath, my role is to support and coach you in achieving your goals (sport, health, well-being) by optimising your lifestyle through natural means, but also to help you acquire a solid foundation for taking care of yourself independently! Because everyone is unique and we all have different needs, I offer you a 100% individualised and personalised protocol in which you'll find advice on diet, well-being, physical activity and many other techniques used in naturopathy (phytotherapy, breathing techniques, micronutrition, etc.), all with the aim of helping you to achieve your goals/solve your problems. Why consult me? - Preserve/recover your vitality - Optimise your performance - Boost your post-training recovery - Prevent injuries and limit the risk of their occurrence - Accelerate your recovery from injury - Improve your stress management - Strengthen your immune system - Improve your digestion - Prepare for a competition or simply to learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle!


Abhyasa - Yoga et Thérapie, 127 All. de la Géode, Saint-Jeoire
From 18/09/2023 to 31/12/2024, every Tuesday and Thursday.