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Since winter 2016, the cross-country ski resort in Plaine-Joux offers the possibility to try a new funny practice called ski-joëring. It's about to being towed by dogs.
“Ski-joëring combines the team and the animal, but far beyond that, it is the accomplishment of a long process of trust, the demonstration of a beautiful synergy between man and his dog. This is how I will define ski-joëring Born in this passion, transmitted by my parents, and especially my father who has been practicing dog sled racing for almost 25 years, I was caught up in this sport so little known. When I was 14, I was able to register in the junior category in our club, the Mont-Blanc Committee, affiliated to the FFPTC (French Federation of Pulka and dog sledding). The great adventure began, first with a friend's dogs since my father was running with our only dog, then, at 17, I had MY first dog of my own, picked up and saved. A long work has begun to restore his confidence, and especially to train him in a sport which is nevertheless in his genes, but which he had never practiced. After two seasons of racing with him, we were spotted in order to participate in the European Championships, in Austria and the World, in Italy. In order to prepare for it, we had, to our great surprise, and after years of refusal by many resorts, the opportunity to be able to train on one of the slopes of the Plaine-Joux resort. I then wore the colors of this family resort close to home and very welcoming, during the 2017 World Championship, in Millegrobbe, Italy. We thank them very strongly, because without this too small number of stations that welcome us, and the snow which is becoming increasingly rare, our sport becomes very difficult to practice, and it does not become rare that all the training sessions are cani-mountain biking, before getting back on skis for the first time ... on the day of the first race of the season. »Loriane Beaud


Adult: from 9.99 € (Adult pass) Child (5-15 years): from 5.30 € (Children pass). Free entry for children < 5 years. All skiers are required to report to the ski patroller and to pay a ski pass before going out to practice.


Domaine de ski nordique de Plaine-Joux, 74250, Bogève
From 18/12 to 27/03 between 9 am and 5 pm. Subject to snow conditions.