Sculpture symposium

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You may be wondering what these stone blocks carved on the Plateau de Plaine Joux? It is in this green oasis, that took place the first sculpture symposium of Plaine-Joux plateau July 2012.
For this occasion, 4 Sculptors moved on the board to work their works live, carving, polishing, putting the world in monolithic blocks of marble limestone located 100 meters from each other. They are arc-circle position where we feel a surge of cosmo-telluric waves which influenced for their project. The draft Dunoyer Roger: He started his work in the first block which by its form meteorite can only suggest to him the birth of the world. A shooting star and ray of light through the surface block to reach the center of the earth to deposit a human fetus. The draft Janpol: Since it was discovered there are X million years Cave Bare, Yampol worked a rock with a cat skull cave reminiscent of the cave Bare where he lived at the time of Paleolithic, and on the second rock, some engravings (raised) that lead us to this ancestor, newest, already distinguished in the field of Art ... homo sapiens. The project Isabelle Milleret: His work has been to highlight the symbolism of a place like Plaine Joux, that is to say to a crossroad as a star or intersecting lines. Possibly indicate the north-south and east-west (desert rose) or location of the 4 surrounding municipalities (Bogève, Mégevette, Onnion, Villard). Yann Narzabal project to close: His job is to express the settlement and implementation of the man of the past to the present: the time when man has acquired the knowledge and techniques to build his house like that it is currently experiencing in the traditional area of our frame. Cut a block of stone into a work of art, a phenomenal work done in a day by these four sculptors!


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