Meulières de Vouan

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The town of Peillonnex conceals a treasure that has survived the ages. Enter his Priory of the XII century and discover its magnificent baroque choir background with a sound and light of a rare quality .
You can still see today, where the millstones were extracted, large round holes of about 2 m high in the rock. The two most important are known : the big mouth (or fairy grotto , or large millstone ) ; and the grit to Vachat on the cliff overlooking " The cad to the dead." The Vouan , small mass of 978 m, was also crossed by smugglers path . It was mostly the land of fairies and run many legends about them. one in particular is said that it can meet a girl giving leaves turn to gold . Visits are organized by PAYSALP for groups all year round. Information and reservations:
74250, Viuz-en-Sallaz