"Frozen River" trip on the Giffre river

50 route du Fer-à-Cheval, 74740, Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval
From 09/01 to 31/03, daily between 9 am and 7 pm.


Nunayak launches the first product for winter river rafting in France. The descent can be done in all 4 seasons by adapting the support (Raft, Canoe, Kayak...). It can be accompanied by a 1/2 day of skiing with the international 360 ski school.
In response to climate change, Nunayak launches the Frozen River. In line with the "four seasons" tourism drive, Nunayak offers a year-round activity in the Giffre Valley. The instability of the seasons opens up the possibility of sailing all year round. The Frozen River is a gentle response to the changes taking place in our world. The idea is to evolve from a summer activity to a year-round activity, rafting. The latter has existed for more than 30 years only in the summer. Going down the valley by its lowest point, the river allows us a more humble approach to the environment. The idea is not to conquer once again the territory but to discover it, or even to rediscover it in another way. To discover is to take another look at the valley and the world. You can treat yourself to a sensational day by discovering the different formulas: Frozen river: with only the descent of the river. Exit "Frozen Day" Adventure: Off-piste skiing or tour of the Grand Massif and arrival at Sixt, descent to Samoëns by the river (ski safety equipment, river equipment, transport of people and equipment included). Exclusive : "Adventure" outing with meal and sauna included before the descent of the river to Samoëns.